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DI East End Beach

& Dune Restoration

Project Update 6/7/2024

The Town’s contractor has updated their schedule for planting the beach and dune habitat. They will commence now in mid-July to allow the plants to grow bigger in the nursery and to avoid the Fourth of July holiday. A volunteer planting event will be planned (TBD) around this same time to allow residents and visitors to be active in our habitat restoration of the East End. Stay tuned for details. Please note that it is sea turtle nesting season (May-October), so we respectfully ask all properties along this shoreline and/or in view of this shoreline to please
reduce light pollution to adhere to the Town’s ordinance. This will allow for hatchlings to find their way to the Gulf
of Mexico. Please either turn out your lights at night, close your curtains, or invest in amber lighting. Recent unofficial nighttime surveys suggest some existing
artificial lighting impacts could be reduced with minimal modifications. Let’s see if we can get record breaking nests on our new beach this year!

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