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DI East End Beach

& Dune Restoration

Project Update 2/18/2024

The Town of Dauphin Island secured a qualified contractor, Weeks Marine, Inc. to bring more than one million cubic yards of sand to the East End of the island, restoring our beach and dune habitats. This project is being constructed under the USACE/ADEM Standard Individual Permit (SAM- 2022-00150) and ADCNR Beach Act Permit. The contractor will pump sand from east to west. Specific stretches of the beach will be closed due to  construction activities. Please for your own safety, stay away from the construction areas. The tentative schedule indicates this will  take approximately two months. Beach and dune habitat within the design template will be created using large machinery. All work  will be conducted from the water and from the staging area on the USCG property. Vegetative plantings will follow once beach and dune habitat is created to design standards. Adjacent landholders will be notified when active construction takes place. Weather conditions and other factors can delay schedules. The project, once constructed, will extend from East End Public Beach to halfway through the DeSoto Landing neighborhood.

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