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DI East End Beach

& Dune Restoration

Project Update 11.2.22

The East End Beach and Dune Restoration Project team has continued with the design, engineering, permitting and public outreach to ensure that a million cubic yards of sand is brought to the east end of the island restoring our beach and dune habitats. The project team is working with the permit agencies, led by the USACE, to address all of their requests for additional information. The Town has established and adopted a “designated” mean high tide line as is required by state law and has recorded almost all of the required easements from the affected property owners in the Probate Court. The State of Alabama held a public hearing on the Island as part of the process to establish that “designated” mean high tide line. The Town expects to hear, later this month, about construction fund grants from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

Project Update 11.15.22

Construction funding has been secured.

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