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Project Update 11.2.2022

In October of 2021 the Town of Dauphin Island was awarded $2,211,700 in Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act (GOMESA) funds to design, permit, and construct a living shoreline in Aloe Bay, adjacent to the wastewater treatment facility and future eco-tourism site. An additional $2,993,500 in National Fish and Wildlife (NFWF) Emergency Coastal Resilience Funds (ECRF) were awarded to the Town in June of 2022 to design, permit, and construct a second living shoreline in Aloe Bay between the airport and the new DeSoto boat ramp. A funding agreement for this funding should be obtained soon.


The project team held a design charrette to prioritize and refine the living shoreline design alternatives. Following this meeting, the design team is currently optimizing conceptual design to draft a plan set to advance the preferred alternatives. Initial cost estimates have begun to inform development of design. The team has requested a pre-application meeting with the USACE for permitting.   


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