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Project Update 11.2.2022

Construction commenced with this project, completed 17 of the 55 marsh mounds to date, with a goal to restore 60 acres of marsh habitat in Graveline Bay.  The dredge broke down and a new dredge has been brough in to finish the job on 10/11/2022.  The dredge will be working 24-hours a day to create the habitat.  A surveyor is frequently on site to survey the habitat restoration.    Turbidity curtains are in place to contain turbidity around the discharge area.  The contractor is performing all construction activities to specification and within permit limitations.  Once the sand is placed, the area will be planted with native marsh plants similar to what is found in the existing marsh.  We expect this construction operation to last through December 2022.

Graveline Bay Marsh 

Restoration Project

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