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  1. One boat/wave runner per registered camper.

  2. are responsible for keeping your site in a neat and clean fashion. All trash must be placed in the dumpsters daily. Failure to maintain your campsite may result in a fine and/or eviction.

  3. No new construction of any kind is allowed at the Campground. One (1) Canopy allowed but may only be placed in front of a camper. Only one (1) ground carpet per RV or Camper is allowed. No signs will be erected or placed on campground property.

  4. Only 1 tent or RV per site, screen rooms allowed but not for sleeping or storage.

  5. Camping unit must parallel to its hookups.

  6. Cars must be parked in camper’s site (2 cars per site allowed). Excess cars may be towed without notice at owner’s expense. Dauphin Island Park and Beach Board is not responsible for damage to towed vehicles.

  7. Do not leave air conditioners on for extended absence from site (120 hours max). After 2nd infraction an overuse fee may be charged.

  8. You are responsible for water leaking from hoses. Leaking hoses will be removed by staff.

  9. Wading pools are not allowed.

  10. If your site has a power loss, please check both breakers in your RV and at your site hookup. Your RV must be properly grounded or the system will not work. If still without power, notify staff and they will have the problem corrected as soon as possible. The Campground is not responsible for refrigerated items.

  11. Only registered guests and their designated family members may occupy campsites. Family members must be identified and designated at the time of registration. A limit of 6 persons per are allowed.

  12. Key Cards are for registered campers only

  13. Camping fee must be paid on due date – $50.00 late fee.

  14. No metal detectors in the Campground, Bird Sanctuary or Beach

  15. Do not disturb others! You are responsible for the actions of your pets, children, and guest. You may be evicted without refund due to your actions. Quiet time is 10:00PM – 7:00AM

  16. Children should not be left unattended. All children are to be at their sites at dusk or accompanied by an adult.

  17. No children under 18 years of age are allowed on any type of motorized vehicle, bike, golf cart, etc.

  18. Alcohol consumption allowed only in camper’s site

  19. Neither the Dauphin Island Park and Beach Board, Inc. or its employees are not responsible for any damages to or theft of your personal property. All campers must secure their property.

  20. Do not harm any tree. No tying onto trees or hanging items from limbs

  21. Campers are not permitted to wash vehicles, campers, RVs, boats, etc. at the Campground. Violators may be fined.

  22. Visitor Policy – No visitors allowed after sundown. During day, maximum 2 visitor cars at one time. $5.00 per car.

  23. Age Limit – Occupancy is not allowed unless accompanied by someone 18 or older.

  24. Pets are allowed but you must clean up after them and they must be kept on a leash. As far as, barking, please remember our primary rule, “Do not disturb others.”

  25. Firearms, fireworks, BB guns, or other potentially lethal devices are not permitted on park property.

  26. No outside refrigerators or freezers

  27. Site cannot be used as camper’s only residence.

  28. One week maximum tent site occupancy

  29. 5 MPH Speed Limit within the Campground (including golf carts).

  30. Winter Campers: limit 6 month stay

  31. Summer Campers: limit 4 month stay

  32. 30 day re-entry

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