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Footprints on Sand


Dauphin Island is open for business! Loyal visitors and friendly full-time residents make it easy to start and grow your business right here. Exciting opportunities for investment and new business abound.

Starting a Business

Doing business here is a dream. Unbelievable natural beauty. A relaxed island location. An eclectic mix of visitors from around the globe. Loyal, friendly full-time residents. And a small-town, family-friendly atmosphere that is ready for your new ideas, with no larger chain competition on the island. You’ll mix with the locals and find out what they need and want from your business. And you’ll have a voice in your local government. Yes, exciting opportunities for growth for your business are here. Because Dauphin Island is open for business!

Process for obtaining a business license:

  1. Fill out Business License Application.

  2. Planning Commission Application.

  3. Business plan and Application for Site Plan Approval.

  4. Contact Town Clerk with any questions about parking, zoning, etc.

  5. Home-based businesses follow the same procedure and fill out an Application for Home Occupation. 

  6. Planning Commission meets the second Tuesday of every month at 6:00 PM

  7. Paperwork must be turned in by Monday before the meeting.

  8. Note: All home-based businesses must go before the Planning Commission for review every calendar year.

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