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Business License

Business Licenses are valid until December 31st. There is a grace period until January 31st, if a License is not renewed by then a $27 late fee will be added on to the license amount.


Online Application Process for License

  • This link is our portal:

  • Locate "Apply for a license" and fill out the online application and attach all required documents.

  • Approval process starts once the completed application is submitted. 

  • Once approved you will be able to pay online through the portal, or call Bailey at 251-861-5525 X 223 to pay over the phone.

  • Once paid for an issued copy of your license will be uploaded onto the portal under “View my License”.



  • All permits can be applied for on our portal or at Town Hall

  • All “new build” permits are valid a year from the issuance date.

         For example, if the permit is issued on 5/1/22, the permit will expire 5/1/23.

  • All other permits are valid for 6 months but can be extendedfor free (per the Building Official) once permit is expired. After the first extension we can extend it an additional time for a $75 fee.

  • All building permits require a contract and materials/labor cost list.


Renewal Process for License

 If you are a returning portal user, follow these steps:

  • Go to:

  • Log in and go to services, business license, click "renew my license" on the left-hand side.

  • Verify information, make changes as needed, upload required documents, enter gross receipts for Dauphin Island only, sign and submit.

  • Your license will then get sent over to the building department, once approved you will be able to make a payment on the portal.

  • Once your information is submitted, approved and then paid for, your license will be issued. After issued, you can print directly from the portal.


If you did NOT use the portal last year, we will be happy to send you a renewal form that contains your username and password to set up an account. Please contact: or call 251-861-5525 x 223

*Please note: All rental licenses (STR and LTR) require a safety inspection to be submitted before a license will be issued. Please see our Rental Hub for details.


Business Licenses & Permits

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