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Lighthouse Bakery

Every morning the Lighthouse bakery opens, the front case is filled with freshly baked sweets and goods. Enjoy them with a warm cup of our fresh ground coffee. Everything in the bakery is made fresh every morning in the kitchen from scratch with the original recipes of Mrs. Mary Scarcliff, managed by her daughter Christa Jones.

What types of sweets do you ask? Yummy things such as Cinnamon roll cinnamon pecan rolls, Strawberry, Rasberry, and plain Cream cheese danish, Apple, Blueberry, and cherry turnovers, a variety of muffins, fresh Croissants, bacon wraps, pigs in a blanket, cookies, and much more!

Don't miss out on the fresh coffee experiences we have to offer. Gormet coffees freshly roasted in Mobile, AL by Carpe Diem are ground and brewed here for each pot of coffee. Our Lattes and Capachinos are made with real freshly ground espresso beans for each cup of coffee for the true coffe lover to enjoy.

Breakfast specials for every day of the week, but our most popular are the Omlettes on Sunday mornings. Large 3 egg omlettes made with your choice of fresh Crab meat, Ham, or Sausage. With sevral chesses to choose from along with onions, green peppers, mushrooms, tomoatoes , spinach, and jalapeños if you'd like a veggie omlete instead.

The bakery is full of many Made in America items and arts of all sorts by local artists such as paintings and jewelry.

It would be a pleasure to serve you at the Lighthouse Bakery


(251) 861-2253

919 Chaumont Ave, Dauphin Island, AL 36528, USA

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